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Circuit Breaker Lockout - S2390

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Every year thousands of workers get killed or injured while performing repairs or maintenance on industrial equipment or machinery. Many of these accidents are caused by the uncontrolled release of energy. Our lockout/tagout products and services, offers a broad range of durable, easy-to-use lockout devices that cover most mechanical and electrical applications. Lockout Tagout Safety services help companies with limited resources quickly get their program up to speed, ensuring that lockout activities are implemented in a way that promotes optimum safety while maximizing efficiency and reducing downtime.

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Lockout Systems

Lockout Tagout Safety Ltd aim to provide positive steps that help ensure safety in the workplace. We provide many quality products that will help you implement your own Lockout Tagout system, whether you're part of a large company, or an independant contractor. When working in this dangerous industry, it is crucial to take enforcement action to ensure health and safety. Providing workers with fit for purpose/custom lockout systems, along with robust procedures keeps your workers safe. Below is a sample of the products that we offer.

These lockout stations provide a secure place for lockout tagout equipment to be stored. Ideal for locations where maintenance is carried out on a regular basis. These are just a few examples, view our full range HERE.
065387-BR Single Pole Circuit Breaker Lockout

Lockout Station Unfilled or Fully Loaded:-

  • Lockout Station with Cover
  • Integrated, one-piece moulded construction eliminates loose parts
  • Resiliant polycarbonate material provides extremely high heat and impact resistance
  • Exclusive translucent cover protects contents
  • Lockable to prevent loss of valuable safety lockout padlocks
  • Secure with combination lock for simple access control
  • Safety Hasps & Tags included
  • Plus FOC Safety Lockout Padlock Key Charting System is available to you. Protecting your investment and ensures untrusted users cannot duplicate keys through Safety protocol.
  • Fully loaded comes with 30 individual pieces of Lockout Equipment and 48 safety Tags 
  • Padlocks Are  Keyed different
High visibility lock boards make your locks, tags and lockouts easy to find and use. Built for the toughest conditions, these lock boards are of durable plastic materials

  • Dimensions 34.2 x 34.2 cm
  • Can be ordered as boards only or Fully Loaded:
  • Fully loaded version includes 10 x Safety Padlocks; 1 x Lockout Safety Tags (pack of 10); 2 x Hasps

Mechanical Lockouts

When working in industry, it is crucial to take enforcement action to ensure health and safety, particularly when performing maintenace on high powered machinery. Providing workers with fit for purpose/custom mechanical lockout Kits along with robust procedures keeps your workers safe. These mechanical lockout kits provide all you need to safely isolate all mechanial type valves, allowing for safe access for maintenance and other site work. View the full rangeHERE or see some of most popular kits below.

This Lockout kit includes:-

  • LOTO Devices for butterfly, ball and gate valves
  • Convenient satchel bag to prevent lost or mislaid items
  • 12 x Lockout hasps and 10 x 'Do Not Operate' tags

This team lockout kit includes:-

  • Lightweight safety lockout Carrying case, 381 (L)  x 241 (H) x 178 (W) mm
  • Seperate compartments for effective grouping of (1) Padlocks & hasps (2) Valve Lockout & (3) electrical lockout components
  • This Group kit is for multiple workers; padlocks are supplied keyed-different to ensure no employee can open a colleague's padlock FREE Padlock Key Charting System is available to ensure you, the authorised signatory,  keeps control of any key duplication

Electrical Lockout Kit

We stand by the HSE motto ‘Saving lives, protecting livelihoods’: Lockout Tagout Safety Ltd aim to provide positive steps that help ensure safety in the workplace, choose the right kit or call us for a custom kit. Act. Protect. Comply. These electrical lockout kits provide all you need to safely isolate electrical equipment and machinery to allow safe access for maintenace and other site work. View the full range HERE or see some below.

This Personal lockout kit includes:-

  • Safety Lockout carrying case keeping important lockout devices and padlocks together
  • Kit include high performance components satisfying most electrical Lockout applications
  • Padlocks are supplied keyed-alike for added convenience
  • This personal kit is ideal for the individual worker

Easy to use, adjustable belt-bag for electricans. This Personal lockout pouch can be cutsomised to suit individual needs; choose from various padlock styles, quantities and colours. To enquire, click HERE, phone (01642 244017) or email:


Universal Lockout Kits

Choose from our universal Lockout Kit range and ensure safe workplaces. Everyone should be able to go to work and return home safe and unharmed through effective safety policies Lockout Tagout Program underpinned with the right lockout devices/tools. These Universal kits contain equipment for locking out both electrical isolations and mechanical valves. Ideal for all situations. View the full range HERE.
Circuit Breaker Lockout - S2391
This basic Lockout Tagout kit is ideal for smaller companies or self employed contractors. Contains all necessary equipment required to safely lockout a piece of equipment for maintenance access
Miniature Circuit Breaker Lockout - Pin-In Standard (PIS)
This is our most comprehensive kit available; this contains all the equipment required for electrical and mechanical valve lockouts. Also included are two instructional DVDs (entitled 9 Basic Steps and Lockout Tagout For Life) to help you instruct others in Lockout Tagout.
Miniature Circuit Breaker Lockout - Pin-Out Standard (POS)
These lockout key safes are designed for securing important lockout tagout related equipment. They feature a varying number of unique secondary locks and a central control lock. The team leader keeps the control lock which can only be opened when the other, secondary locks are replaced. The safe would usually hold a key or some other device related to activating a piece of machinery or equipment. This makes the safe a robust form of group lockout. Two fixing slots are provided in the back plate of the unit for wall mounting. The clear window in the door is made from 3mm acrylic, which is designed to permit entry to the safe by breaking, in case of emergency. All secondary locks are unique and are supplied complete with a brass tag, engraved with the key safe number and secondary lock identification. View our full range HERE.
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